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Journey into Nyx is the third set in the newest Magic: The Gathering block. The setting, first revealed in Theros, is inspired by Greek mythology, a theme that longtime fans have always asked to see interpreted by the award-winning worldbuilders and designers of Magic. The plane of Theros is ruled by a pantheon of all-powerful gods. Krakens, minotaurs, and other monsters threaten the safety of walled cities. Heroes rise to battle, bolstered by their devotion to the gods. Each booster pack contains 15 cards Journey into Nyx is the epic conclusion of the Theros block and the final steps in the Hero’s Path entertainment experience. Theros has become a battlefield. The gods have sent their forces against the mortals to punish the hubris of a few. But the mortals have risen up in defiance and the time has come when Magic players will be tested against a god.
Number of Cards: 165


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