MTG Hour of Devastation Booster Pack


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Unleash your endgame with world-ending gods, devastating spells, and an unstoppable legion of undead soldiers.
Hour of Devastation mechanics:
Eternalize: Creatures get a second chance to serve, reappearing on the battlefield as 4/4 Zombie versions of their former selves.
Afflict: Creatures can cause your opponent to lose life if they become blocked.
Exert: Creatures stay tapped for an extra turn to unlock incredible abilities.
Aftermath: Two cards in one! One half can be cast from your hand and a second half can be cast from the graveyard.
Cycling: A popular returning ability that lets you discard a card to draw a new one.
Deserts Matter: Cards that give you bonuses for controlling Deserts or having Desert cards in your graveyard.
Each booster pack includes 15 cards to add to your collection-and you can expect one of those 15 to be a rare, mythic rare, or premium foil card!
Number of Cards: 199


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