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Like Blizzard? Love Word of Warcraft? Well, we have a deal for you! Buy gift card 50 BRL and cover your subscription in the MMO for about two months. Or, alternatively, you can spend this balance to enhance the gameplay of any other of your games!Made for WoW It is important to note that this specific card was made precisely to give player 60 days of World of Warcraft gameplay. The funds it adds covers the subscription fee perfectly, and so it’s a great choice for those who love the roleplaying game! Also, there won’t be any loose cents rattling in your Balance that you don’t know what to do with. Simply buy gift card 50 BRL, enter the code to the redeem window and enjoy your days in Azeroth. Not just one game Despite the card being made specifically for WoW, these are free funds. That is, youcan use them however you want, buying what interests you or what you think is useful for all the games in Blizzard’s library. Use this card to buy few more pets for your hero in World of Warcraft, invest in the expansion you had your eye on for a while or maybe you are straying towards those mysterious loot boxes? Buy gift card 50 BRL and increase your Blizzard Balance; after that, you can go to any game’s store and purchase anything you can get your hands on. Choose for yourself Please keep in mind that Balance will not cover the gear shop, meaning it can only be used on digital goodies meant for your gaming. But that’s not a step back in any way! With the variety the game has to offer, you are free to pick what heightens your enjoyment. Whether you want to look pretty, unlock a few additional characters, get your hands on the items behind the loot boxes or gain cosmetic improvements, buy gift card 50 BRL and enjoy your newfound freedom. How to redeem a Blizzard code? • Log in to your Blizzard account on webpage; • Look for Redeem option at the Account Overview; • Enter the key and click Redeem to finish the process; • Purchased items have been added to your account!