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If you want to get the most out of your Blizzard’s account, buy gift card 5 USD and delve right into the vastness of the online store. Pick what interests you, invest in make your character the flashiest and best dressed (and with the best pet, can’t forget those!). Or get new additions to your solo game and enjoy variation it provides. The possibilities are there, you just need to choose. Balanced Balance Blizzard utilizes their own internal walled called Balance. This system encompasses the entire library of Blizzard games, which in turn gives freedom for the player. Once you charge your Balance, you are free to spend itwhere you want, so buy gift card 5 USD and make your gameplay a memorable one. Because the publisher has a great selection of various games, all belonging to different genres, it is safe to say everyone will find something for them. From strategic card games to shooters with loot boxes toMMOs and their cosmetics, your Balance will cover it all! Easy and quick An important aspect of any gift card is that it is not tied to your account till you actually use the code. So, you can save it up for a later date, gift it to someone or use it for yourself. Buy gift card 5 USD and get more than you paid for. And we don’t mean the items alone. You actually end up paying less but receiving more, since the price of the gift card is lower than the amount of funds it gives you. This is a deal you can’t pass up on! Universal utility The one wallet/several shops mechanic works quite well in Blizzard’s favour. This way you do not have to limit yourself or worry about hows and whys. Hopping between games is not penalized, in fact, your contributions are valued, since you are free to buy gift card 5 USD and none of it will be wasted of left behind as you shift your favourites. Your funds are not tied to a single title and the true gamer’s freedom is elevated by this Blizzard’s mechanic. How to redeem a Blizzard code? • Log in to your Blizzard account on webpage; • Look for Redeem option at the Account Overview; • Enter the key and click Redeem to finish the process; • Purchased items have been added to your account!