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=New costume for your beloved character or a shiny flying mount, additional content for your game or a pile of loot boxes – buy gift card 40 GBP and you can buy all that and more! Recharge your Blizzard Balance and jump into the next adventure.Limitless gaming Your online wallet allows for great freedom and variation when it comes to Blizzard’s games. For an avid World of Warcraft player, you can get cosmetics and aesthetics for your hero, remake him into a unique hero. Additionally, you may spend your Balance to get more game time and utilize the in-game services. And if you like team shooters, you can use your funds to get yourself mystery boxes with randomized rewards!These will unlock items that would otherwise be out of reach. Buy gift card 40 GBP and get the best Blizzard has to offer, from the purchasable decks for the strategic card game to expansions for a solo campaign to bits and pieces as you see fit. Basically, any game you pick, you will find a way to enhance your play with. One-way ticket Having one Balance connected to multiple games allows for more liberty when it comes to gameplay. You do not have to pull out your credit card every time you want to make a new purchase, as the sum will be taken out of your online wallet. Buy gift card 40 GBP and enjoy the cash shops in all the games you play, with no additional trouble to you! Grab some cosmetics for WoW, then hop on to Hearthstone and open up a few deck packs, or even get yourself some mystery boxes for the online team brawlers. Keep or give away All the possible uses the card has can be used by the buyer… or you can give it to someone! The card is not tied down to the person who purchased it and can be assigned to someone else, meaning that once you buy gift card 40 GBP, the code can be given to someone else, for example, your friend who wanted some fluffy pet to accompany them on the wild quests– after all, what could be a better present than a thoughtful gift of choice.How to redeem a Blizzard code? • Log in to your Blizzard account on webpage; • Look for Redeem option at the Account Overview; • Enter the key and click Redeem to finish the process; • Purchased items have been added to your account!